Artificial Intelligence traces its way back to the year 1956, when at a conference at Dartmouth College, the term “Artificial Intelligence” was coined. This makes clear for all of us that the idea of inanimate objects working for humans to make their lives easier has been around for a long time now. Every sector is trying their hands on AI to simplify their work and increase their efficiency. Artificial Intelligence in Education can do wonders.
The collusion of both AI and Machine Learning can enhance and upturn the standards of
education massively. Many countries have already commenced with its use and leading the
chart is America. In America, Artificial Intelligence will mature to a staggering number of 47.5% of education between the years 2017-2021.
It is widely and staunchly believed that a teacher’s presence cannot be replaced by a mere
machine. However, the point to be considered is the colossal changes that AI can bring to a
teacher’s job and to education precisely. It is expected from AI to fill gaps and loopholes and
help us develop extraordinary education skills. The aim at the end of the day is to leverage the best of both parties — teaches and Al, for the welfare of students.

Role of Artificial Intelligence

1. Automated Grading System
This is one of the most basic and helpful gifts of AI to teachers. A teacher usually takes between 10-12 minutes to grade an assignment or an exam sheet. Now multiply that with the
assignments/exams given and then that with the number of students she or he teaches. Well
the numbers are huge and so is the possibility of accidentally committing a mistake while
grading. With AI, we can significantly reduce the hours spent on this one task of grading. While we are already aware that a teacher is irreplaceable, even AI learns from the teacher. So as an intelligent system it is bound to get closer to perfection. AI can check nearly all kinds of multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions. The day is not far when it can grade student writings too.
2. Improving Courses and Education Material
Coursera, an online course provider, is using AI to help them find mistakes and loopholes in
their study materials. When majority students are seen to give the wrong answer to a question, the program alerts the teacher and delivers a customised message to future students that indicates the right answer.
A system like this helps in maintaining consistency and determines that all students are
developing the same conceptual base.
3. AI Enhances our Perception
Our entire lives we have ignored how Artificial Intelligence has been composing and cultivating our interests. From Siri to Google to Amazon and YouTube, all customise their interfaces according to our previous actions. And then keep on delivering results based on them. This integration keeps getting complex and we always only get to see what we like.
Imagine using this technique on students and we will never have to worry or conduct sessions just to find out what really their interests are. AI has already essentially changed our ways of grasping information and with this future students will have an extremely advanced availability of research material and knowledge.
4. AI can Alter the Role of Teachers
Nobody here is trying to replace the teachers, all that AI is trying to do is to bring certain
changes in the way we have seen the role of a teacher. Teaching style of the future is bound to be computer integrated, AI enabled, targeted & object oriented because AI can perform plenty of tasks in less time with equal or more efficiency and competence.
But what more can it do? AI can be an aid to subject expertise and provide answers to students and help them find any information regarding that one subject or topic. This will enhance the role of a teacher who is using AI based learning management systems.
AI can help teachers in creating supplement lessons, improve penetration of ideas, and keep learning on the path of adding skills that matter for students.
5. AI can Break the Monotony
While most of the above mentioned changes might still be a few years in the future but the truth about today is that AI possesses the capability of changing everything that we take for granted about education. AI will break the barriers of time, place and our vision of a classroom. Education, which is a necessity, will be available for all at all times and all places for the most immobile corners of the world. And for good or worse AI might just do a role upgrading teachers in many instances.
Not only this but AI has the potential to help in making studies less intimidating for many kids.
Most students don’t have their basics clear from the start and they never even try to fix them
because they are too intimidated to ask questions. They are too scared of failing and that is the reason why they never even try. With AI, the hit-and-try method becomes less terrifying as there is no tell & do things, but it would be based on a predictive analysis.
Artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence in Education in India
Education sector in India has already greeted and will continue to greet multiple channels of AI interventions. India aims on becoming a $5 Trillion economy by the year 2024 and artificial
intelligence will play an extremely crucial and aristocratic role in preparing skilled professionals who will be a small part of this big picture. The government has assured that an effective education sector can transform the look of the nation with a developed effective Human Resources and an escalated productivity.