The advent of technology in the educational system has brought a systematic approach to the teaching and learning process. Educational institutes are provided with many opportunities to make learning more interesting and enjoyable by using these online classes’ software. Several learning activities that were once done solely on paper have now been updated to digital form. Different approaches to technology are adopted in education to suit different purposes. Learning management system (LMS) and School Management System (SMS) are two of these online approaches.  

Learning management systems (LMS) are becoming an integral part of the school education system. A good (LMS) boosts your student’s learning capacity, inside the classroom and out. It involves conducting online exams, keeping track of students’ performance, organizing e-learning or virtual classrooms, and aiding in distance learning. 

Alternatively, a school management system allows schools and educational institutions to track and record their administrative work. It is managed by school management software, a set of tools that let the organization manage the school efficiently. It is a web-based software that allows users of an institute, such as students, teachers, parents, to share information and communicate seamlessly.

The fundamental difference between learning managing systems and school management systems is that:

  • LMS is specialized in teaching and learning optimization, thus giving teachers and students optimal user experience and satisfaction. 
  • A school management system is designed to unite all the little processes needed to keep your school community running smoothly. Besides academic duties, it handles administrative tasks such as assigning homework, taking attendance, entering marks, publishing results online, etc.

But, you can have a learning management system and a school management system simultaneously. LMS functionality can be integrated into school management systems, for example, Class Management within eduTinker’s SMS. Additionally, a school management system may be integrated with an LMS or multiple LMS providers.

eduTinker has been constantly endeavouring to provide schools with the best online solutions in the form of both school management systems and learning management systems.

eduTinker School Management System:

The school management software is developed and designed to facilitate all the above tasks, reduce the paperwork, and digitize the manual data. The system provides holistic solutions to school management and has a plethora of functionalities like:

  • Classroom Management: The school management system provides a firm monitoring system for the administration to check and manage classroom activities like designing timetables, managing student attendance, and monitoring each class’s progress. Moreover, it also helps administrators keep track of teachers’ activities.
  • Automate Administration: The online school management software enables schools to administer activities like record keeping, perform human resource functions, document management, and keep track of school transport. Additionally, you could also perform all exam-related activities like date sheet creations and report card generation or use its many communication channels to connect with different stakeholders.
  • Anything and everything in a centralized system: The software offers schools all the functionality of traditional schools while making them more accessible and efficient. You can manage multiple schools from a centralized system and perform small tasks like id generations to a mammoth function like admission management. The possibilities are endless!

eduTinker Learning Management System:

Learning management software has become more popular as e-classrooms offer students many benefits and functionality. LMS is incorporated heavily into K-12 curriculums and universities and professional institutions. Below are some of the benefits that eduTinker LMS provides to institutes:

  • Offer Centralized Learning : The essential benefit of any learning management system is its centralized source of learning. It permits institutes to save all the e-learning content in one spot rather than having it scattered in various areas. This helps in diminishing the danger of losing important information/content and improving the system’s overall efficiency.
  • Tracking, Assessment, and Reporting : Implementing a learning management system in schooling permits teachers to monitor a student’s progress as far as course fulfilment, recognizable proof of knowledge gaps, participation and engagement level, and time is taken to finish the course. Our LMS makes teachers very happy with integrated assessment functions and voice-enabled feedback.  
  • Limitless Customization Options : An LMS can be an extremely useful tool for higher education institutions as it offers limitless customization possibilities. Teachers enjoy the freedom to tailor the e-learning content for the courses as needed from any place and at any given point in time.

Educators and administrators alike cannot refute the effectiveness of a learning management system and school management system. We at eduTinker offer the most modern cloud-based management and learning solutions for the evolving needs of today’s educational institutions. Learn more about us at