Teachers are role models that every student looks forward to for their career growth. When all of us grow as a child, the maximum interaction with anybody is with our teachers; that is how we start to become what they are. We start adapting to their communication skill, behavior, handwriting, and whatnot!

In today’s time, physical interaction has decreased significantly between teachers and students, as opposed to the pre-COVID times. In the midst of this, the students look forward to examples set by the teachers through online channels as there are fewer chances for face-to-face communication. To place an excellent example for students, teachers must also look forward to developing more skill sets. There should be the promotion of life learning and skill-developing lessons for teachers too.

Role of a teacher in student’s life

  1. Guiding Light– Teachers act as guiding light for their students and set paths for them to traverse. More than that, they monitor the students closely in terms of their holistic progress and can provide feedback to them for further improvements.
  2. Setting Benchmark– Teachers set a benchmark for students every time the latter reaches a point set for them previously. The teachers know their students well regarding their learning path and can plan accordingly.
  3. Making them Changemakers– If one thing that students are expected to become in the future is, it is becoming the changemaker for society. As students are the future of society, it is necessary to carve them most appropriately from childhood itself so that they can contribute their bit towards society.
  4. Instill Confidence- Students sometimes give up on the hope of doing better due to bad performances in examinations or personal problems. The lesson for the teacher here is to play a crucial part and become supportive of them, motivating them to perform better.

How can teachers become role models for students?

  • Teachers need to be empathetic towards the students’ needs and feelings. They cannot be harsh towards them, considering the position they hold. The students must remain connected with the teachers and share their concerns, and the teacher can use them for the students’ betterment.
  • Appreciating students is essential as it signals that the teacher recognises their hard work. It further motivates the student to perform academically as well as otherwise. Sending positive notes also instills confidence in the parents that their children are performing well and helps develop a direct communication link with the teachers.
  • Segregate social media life from professional life. These days, teachers have their own social life, along with the students who are actively present on these channels. Letting students intrude on social media allows a place in personal life that is unsuitable for students.
  • Read the examples of great people in history. Teachers can set students on the right track by giving them examples that have existed in the past, examples of great men and women, their sacrifices, their struggles, and how they achieved it all.
  • Encourage students to participate in extracurricular work where they emphasize skills and hobbies beyond academics. As academics can provide a single spectrum, the teachers should encourage the incorporation of activities that develop a student more.
  • Induce the value of punctuality and organised behaviour. Students learn primarily after seeing their parents and teachers. In this role, a lesson for a teacher can be to be more punctual and organised in front of the students and set importance on time commitment or deadlines. A teacher should reach class as soon as it starts so that students get hold of the good habits from a very early age.
  • Take inputs from students. Feedback is never a one-way process; the students and teachers must be involved in the overall process. Students’ feedback on lecture delivery style, the course strategy, or problems related to assignments or resources should be considered to make the teaching process more fun and accurate.
  • Ensure leadership skill generation– An ideal teacher should start developing the leadership skill sets in the student from a young age as they will be the future of society. They must be able to take charge of their decisions and become ready to accept mistakes as part of the process too.

These are some ways a teacher can achieve the task of becoming a role model for their students. In the role of teachers, they can make way for their students’ bright future and help them attain greater heights. The teachers of today’s time have access to a lot of tools and mechanisms by which they can improve their roles and responsibilities.

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