ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is the software tool used by companies and businesses worldwide for a single point of data maintenance and processing activities of all their data. All the single-person activities like accounting, finance management, operations, and customer relationship management are automated and handled using ERP software platforms. Big giants like Amazon and Toyota have been using ERP software for years.

What are School ERP Software Platforms?

With the automation of almost every sector, the education sector cannot be left behind. It has well adapted to the ERP for functions like-

– Curriculum design and management

– Administration of school activities

– Fees Management

– Attendance system for students as well as teachers

– Course progresses

– Transportation Management

– Homework Records

– Maintain regular contact with parents

While many schools, colleges, and institutes have already adapted to ERP, many others have to adjust the ERP for smooth functioning in the given time.

School ERP Software Platform & Student’s Results

The ERP software has majorly impacted the student’s results, where the main focus has shifted from a score-oriented approach and competition to a performance improvement approach. Even many studies have shown the score systems are sometimes detrimental to the student’s overall progress. In this manner, ERP software platforms come as a boon and help in making improvements among students.

Repository of resources

All the lectures, class recordings, and resources shared by the teachers can be stored at a single location. Even in case the student misses their class, they will have a backup of the recording, which will help them perform better in the examination. Besides, for doubts related to a particular source, the repository can help them with a resolution even without contacting the teacher again for the same topic.

Regular feedback

The ERP software system helps students gain feedback and insights from their mentors regarding their performances. The results from assessments, tests, and examinations can be focused upon at one place. Instead of emphasising too much on scores, the main target here would be to make students improve holistically in areas in which they have not performed well.

Error Free Result

Generally, results and marking are prone to errors due to manual interventions. However, with ERP software, one can be sure of the error-free results maintenance and providing it in the fastest time frame. The manual correction of papers, showing the test papers to students to report a discrepancy, and writing individual marks on the scorecard is all done away with ERP, saving time and effort for the teacher as well as students.

Security and Accessibility

Due to unforeseen situations, the result cards may get destroyed or lost, and proper records could not be maintained. In such a situation, ERP software comes handy as the online system is more secure and accessible at all times. The speculation of losing out on parents’ feedback and their accessibility regarding the result is also minimised as they now have direct access to the result.

Notification and Updates

A single dashboard provided by ERP software for checking all the notifications and updates regarding the results, the focus area, and marks obtained can be beneficial to students to improve their future examinations or tests. The teacher can update the feedback with time and the work done by students in that regard.

Single Storage for School Notes

Sometimes the students have to add or edit the previously made class notes or make a cross-subject reference. In the case of handwritten notes, it becomes challenging to incorporate the changes. Here, what is needed is the use of ERP software. Often, the lost or misplaced class notes cost dearly to the students at the time of examination. A single platform for storing notes and resources helps in better preparation and improving the performance in the examination too.

Quick Doubt Resolution

Students often face a communication gap with the teachers, and as a result, they cannot communicate their problems to the teacher. In the case of the ERP software platform, the doubt resolution can be made in the form of written questions virtually, saving the students time to go to the teacher personally at their convenience or even hesitating to ask any questions. The question and resultant answers can be stored at a single location, helping students during examinations too!

The pointers mentioned above explain how the ERP software impacts students’ results and help them make positive changes to their improvement mechanism. With eduTinker, we provide you with one of the most efficient ERP software platforms after blending it with the Learning Management System (LMS) for schools and educational institutions. If you are looking for a similar service, feel free to reach us at – or drop your query at –