How can LMS help teachers to make classes interactive?

Online education has become increasingly vital with the newest Covid-19 variant, Omicron. We are not new to online learning anymore and are slowly compensating for the traditional mode of learning. But teachers are still facing problems engaging students in an online format. Online classes must become interactive for the benefit of the students. Therefore, educational […]

How eduTinker LMS helps parents stay engaged with school activities

In a holistic learning environment, parents’ involvement is essential for a student’s success. Parents should be aware of their child’s progress and communicate with teachers frequently. Technology has opened a wide window for parents in the current academic scenario. After the pandemic, schools have increasingly adopted online classroom software which has helped parents get a […]

How LMS is different from School Management System

The advent of technology in the educational system has brought a systematic approach to the teaching and learning process. Educational institutes are provided with many opportunities to make learning more interesting and enjoyable by using these online classes’ software. Several learning activities that were once done solely on paper have now been updated to digital […]

Top 6 reasons to adopt School Management System

A school management system is designed to track and record the administrative work of schools and educational institutions. The system is run by school management software, which is a set of tools that lets the organization efficiently run the school. It is a web-based software that allows users to share information, users being the institute’s […]

Benefits of Learning Management System for Students

A learning management system (LMS) is an online application that provides a central storage and coordination space for educational assets such as content resources, assessment tools, evaluative tools, and regulatory tools. The platform offers a gateway through which students can access learning materials, see their tasks and grades, and make administrative tasks—like tracking grades and […]

Top reasons why an educational organization needs a school management system

A school management software is a system that is intended to manage and simplify the everyday administrative and non-administrative tasks of a school. The school management system enables schools to screen day-to-day participation from a single centralized platform, such as daily attendance, timetable management, transport management, etc. Further, it helps manage a host of functions […]

Benefits of fee management module in school ERP software

The school ERP software’s fees management system enables you to collect and manage fees online in complete safety and security. It also allows parents to pay school fees online without any hassle thanks to the Payment Gateway integration. In the midst of a pandemic, a fees management software has proven to be extremely beneficial to […]

How To Help Your Students Manage Exam Stress And Anxiety ?

Exams always come with a sense of fear and anxiety; students have a lot of preconceived notions like what if the exam is challenging; what if they don’t remember the answers; what if they are not able to finish on time; It may sound minute, but this is the situation of most students. This stress […]

Want to make your online classes interactive?

We all attribute the invasion of the digital storm into our education system to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is right to say that online classes are the most economical way to provide an uninterrupted and shielded learning environment to the students amidst a global pandemic. However, this concept has its own set of challenges for […]

How Effectively EdTech Benefits Teachers?

There is no doubt that the education sector has been mopped up by the COVID-19 outbreak, to extents that have turned many lives upside-down. The pandemic’s aftershocks have scarred this industry from disruptive school & institution closures to exacerbating the imbalance of learning opportunities. It is not unknown that all levels of training and learning […]

How Effective Is Online Education?

To the tech-naïve, the digital world can be incomprehensible. Often, leaving them oblivious to the many benefits that technology brings us. Since the onset of COVID-19, several industries saw a complete turnaround – taking blows, one after another. But the education industry took some unprecedented brunt – from schools/colleges getting shut and ceased graduation ceremonies […]

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