ICT Initiatives

What are the ICT Initiatives of NCERT?

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has become an integral part of education in today’s world. The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) in India has been at the forefront of incorporating ICT in

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teacher and student in classroom

Project Method of Teaching and its benefits

Project-based learning is an innovative and engaging approach to teaching that is gaining popularity in classrooms around the world. Instead of relying on traditional lectures and rote memorization, project-based learning immerses students in real-world, hands-on

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A Guide for Teachers

Teaching Job – A Guide for Teachers

Teaching is a rewarding but demanding profession that requires patience, dedication, and a wide range of skills. As a school teacher, you play a vital role in shaping the future of your students by fostering

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Teaching Approach for Teachers

Practical Teaching Approach for Teachers

Teaching is a complex and challenging profession that requires a variety of skills and strategies to be successful. One effective approach to teaching is to focus on practical, hands-on methods that allow students to actively

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Modern Teaching Methods

Modern Teaching Methods and its importance

Modern teaching methods refer to the innovative and contemporary approaches to education that are being implemented in schools worldwide. These methods aim to engage students in active and interactive learning, rather than traditional methods that

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