Formative Assessment

Formative assessment refers to a range of approaches used by teachers to assess student comprehension, learning needs, and academic progress while a lesson, unit, or course is in progress. Summarizing the major points or administering a weekly quiz to test comprehension of the covered material are examples of formative assessments. Students’ input on these evaluations is utilized to help them enhance their learning while they are still learning. Formative assessments assist teachers in identifying ideas that students have trouble understanding, abilities that they have trouble mastering, and learning standards that they have not yet met so that lessons, instructional strategies, and academic support can be adjusted.

Formative assessment is often utilized to offer teachers and students continuing feedback. Teachers can then enhance their instruction, and students can improve their learning based on their performance. These exams assist students in identifying their strengths and shortcomings in specific areas and assisting teachers in addressing students’ problems as soon as possible.