The scholarship is the aid provided to students or researchers worldwide based on their academic scores, sports performances, belongingness to a particular community, region, religion, or other factors. The scholarship can be monetary aid or an in-kind reward to help further the student’s interest. 

The scholarships have not to be repaid. But some certain conditions or requirements have to be met by scholars receiving the scholarship- it can be either maintaining a particular attendance in the class or maintaining a specific score in semesters. Besides, it can even mean spending dedicated hours of the day on the form if related to extracurricular activities. 

Some scholarships are issued by the Government, while private organizations or individual issues others. It can also be used as a welfare tool to uplift the societal sections that have been left behind and can be brought into the mainstream. 

The Indian Government has launched its own National Scholarship Portal, which can be used to access all the information related to scholarships in a single place. It provides for a faster and more efficient method of tracking the applications and releasing the funds directly into the accounts of beneficiaries.