SCORM, in technical terms, stands for the Sharable Content Object Reference Model. When learning management systems and resource materials are clubbed together, it is called SCORM. The materials generated can be quickly sent across the system. Sharable content used in the full form means the content can be accessed as per the use after sharing it. 

They are generally reusable and independent of how LMS treats them, and they can be tracked separately from other materials. 

Working of SCORM-

  1. Content Aggregation Model- It sees how the resource material can be delivered physically. It has one of the files which has all content that LMS would need to launch it without any manual intervention.
  2. Data exchange Model- This is a part of the delivery model, which talks about how the content interacts with LMS once it is a part of it. 

 As SCORM allows one data to be used differently at various locations, it provides the plug and play functionality, saving a lot of costs. The same model can be used in different places without any modification, helping one to reach a vast audience.