Time Table

A time chart is a thorough plan that shows how much time each subject and activity will get. Typically, a week’s worth of time is set aside and repeated. All of the work is completed in an organised and timed manner in school. An appropriate timetable is necessary for a school’s successful operation. As a result, the second school clock is known as the timetable.

So why do we need a timetable?

A timetable is required for the appropriate management of a school’s affairs. The headmaster is aware of the work of all classes and teachers as a result of this, and the schedule will assist him in properly carrying out schoolwork.

What is the importance of Time Table?

1. It guarantees organised work and assigns relevant people to specific classes at the appropriate times.

2. It saves teachers and students time and energy by minimising duplication and overlapping.

3. It ensures proper time allocation for various subjects and activities by assigning appropriate weighting based on requirements.

4. It guarantees that work is distributed fairly among teachers.

5. It denotes child and instructor characteristics of orderliness, consistency, regularity, and awareness.

What are the types of timetables?

1. Timetable for a class :

This is intended for the classroom and will display the subject distribution, and there should be a broad timetable that shows the subject distribution by class.

2. Timetable for teachers :

Every teacher should have a copy of their work schedule. This schedule will display which class he will be teaching during each period.