Types of Teaching Aids

Teaching aids enable the learning of students in numerous ways. Teachers use diverse teaching aids to make their students listen carefully. Traditional teaching aids include the usage of globes, blackboards, textbooks, posters, globes, charts, and many more. However, as technology grows, teaching aids have also enhanced a lot, and today’s teaching aids are classified into audio aids, visual aids, audio-visual aids, mechanical teaching aids, and more. 

Types of Teaching Aids

We may categorize these aids as given below according to today’s world –

1. Visual Aids

Visual aids are aids that use a sense of vision. For example: – models, flannel board, actual objects, chalkboard, pictures, charts, maps, flashcards, overhead projector, bulletin board, slides, and many more. Out of these blackboard and chalk are the most traditional ones.

2. Audio Aids

Audio aids are aids that use the sense of hearing. For example- radio, speakers, tape recorder, gramophone, and many more.

3. Audio – Visual Aids

Audio- Visual aids are the aids that involve the sense of vision as well as hearing. For example:- film projectors, television, film strips, movies, and many more.