Yearbooks are the annual magazine or books published by educational institutions, mainly schools, colleges, and universities. The yearbooks contain the activities that the school might have taken in the past year, along with facts and figures surrounding the schools, their achievement, alumni records, and testimony.

Yearbooks are usually published annually and discussed with the school management and students. The latter contributes a lot to content development in the yearbook and their strategy regarding the presentation. School management, primarily teachers and principals, is more or less responsible for looking at the book’s aesthetics, looking and feeling content placement, and proofreading articles throughout the book.

Many top businesses, engineering, and universities have constantly published yearbooks that have become quite famous now, as they have a long development history. While many yearbooks are distributed to every student of the school, many others publish yearbooks for alumni and keep them as a record in the libraries of the school.

With technology’s advent and progress made every passing day, physical copies of yearbooks are published as e-yearbooks and magazines, which can be accessed freely on the Internet. It is also a greener option as it reduces the number of pages, saving many trees.