Figure of Speech

Figures of speech are some words or phrases used in a non-literal sense for verbal effect. They are usually constructed using literary devices like simile, metaphor, metonymy, alliteration, synecdoche, personification, School Management System, and many more. Figures of speech let writers apply similar thoughts and imagery to less acquainted concepts, and they are common in written and spoken language.

Given below are five chief categories of figures of speech:

1. Figures of sound: It mainly uses alliteration.

2. Verbal games: It is also referred to as gymnastics. It comprises puns

3. Figures of resemblance: It is also referred to as the figure of relationship. It consists of simile, metaphor, or kenning.

4. Errors: It is formed of malapropism and are usually produced because of blunder.

5. Figures of emphasis: It is also referred to as a figure of an understatement. It contains much hyperbole. 

Types of Figures of Speech

1. Simile

2. Metaphor

3. Apostrophe

4. Personification

5. Oxymoron

6. Understatement

7. Irony

8. Assonance

9. Euphemism

10. Anaphora

11. Onomatopoeia

12. Alliteration

13. Pun

14. Hyperbole

15. Synecdoche