Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Teaching and Learning

The rapid development of technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Robotics influences all industries, including education. Suppose the education sector houses AI’s full capacity for everyone. In that case, the focus needs to continue exposing the next generation to AI early on and using the technology in the classrooms. Teachers are […]

Dos and Don’ts for Principals to Build Relationships With Teachers

Are you losing sleep over the declining performance of your school? In Spite of taking all measures you see teachers of your school aloof and not interested to go that extra mile and achieve results. If this resonates with you, then it’s time to work on your relationship with teachers, because a school needs a […]

Technology Integration in Education

Since the onset of the pandemic, the world has seen how the need for online classes or online learning platforms has rapidly increased. Institutions like schools, colleges, and universities that faced the brunt of the pandemic and closed their physical spaces to contain the spread of deadly coronavirus understood why the technology transition was needed […]

How to increase admissions in school?

Schools are the second home for children and parents always strive for the best opportunity their child can get. India has the maximum schools going children in lower and upper-middle-class families and schools suiting their requirements and financial abilities have been mushrooming all over. For higher income groups, schools get admissions easily without any competition. […]

How to Maximize the 4 C’s in Your Classroom

21st-century learning is a break from the traditional study method that used to happen in the past. In today’s time, the focus has shifted from rot learning to a more creative and immersive format of learning to engage students and teachers in the overall curriculum. This has led to the development of 4 Cs in […]

National Education Policy 2020

The recent National Education Policy 2020 in India has made its way after 34 years of previous policy. It took six years of work and consultation with an unimagined number of policymakers, educators, and members of civil society.   Before the approval of the new education policy, India’s education system has been revolving like the Russian […]

Smart Learning vs. Traditional Learning: What’s the difference?

The advent of technology has benefited every aspect of life. From communicating with people to education, the transformation is impeccable. In this modern world, technology is envisioned as an ambitious platform that bridges education among children living in remote areas.   In ancient times, education was imparted in ‘gurukuls,’ where the classes happened to be under […]

Tips to Boost Teacher Morale

The word Mathematics still scares some grown-up students and brings back memories of the struggles endured during school life. The only way they endured those heavy-weight examinations was with the help of teachers. Teachers work day in and day out and transform those never-ending difficult concepts into understandable and workable solutions. Teaching is a demanding […]

Top 5 features that a School analytics software must have

School is a huge institution and managing the endless data of students and staff is a herculean task. In school management, you can manage the data manually but there is always a chance of error and what follows due to error takes a toll on the quality of services provided. If this resonates with you […]

Ways to maximize efficiency through attendance management System

Is your school admin always getting it wrong with the leaves of your staff? Are some staff or students indulging in malpractices owing to loopholes in your manual attendance system? It is time to bring in technology with an automatic attendance management system.  This modern system saves time and money, reduces human error and prevents […]

What social media risks should teachers avoid?

Social media is becoming an indispensable part of today’s life. When we talk about social media, there are literally very few who are left from the ambit of it. Even the senior citizens who used to find it skeptical and unworthy have kept up to the race and have become avid social media users. Thanks […]

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