How can school ERP software impact students’ results?

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is the software tool used by companies and businesses worldwide for a single point of data maintenance and processing activities of all their data. All the single-person activities like accounting, finance management, operations, and customer relationship management are automated and handled using ERP software platforms. Big giants like Amazon and […]

How Can Teachers Choose The Best Learning Resources?

Learning resources are tools that instructors may use to improve certain aspects of their jobs as part of their professional development (either pre-service or in-service). This is significant since teacher quality has been identified as the most critical element in influencing the efficacy of a school system. Teachers are more likely to be able to […]

Should Your School Adopt Hybrid Learning ?

What does education look like in the year 2030? The last several years have changed the way we live and study. Education has never been more important or more ambiguous. In terms of how it runs, India’s education system has experienced significant changes in the last two years. Because of the pandemic’s tragic conditions, more […]

Pedagogy: Its importance in Education & Learning

Teaching methodologies have always kept changing as per the needs and demands of time. As students are more exposed to technological tools every day, they access many resources with much ease. The teachers’ burden of providing every material to the students has eased, and they are now more collaborative. Meaning of Pedagogy Pedagogy is the […]

Teachers as role models for students. How can you achieve it?

Teachers are role models that every student looks forward to for their career growth. When all of us grow as a child, the maximum interaction with anybody is with our teachers; that is how we start to become what they are. We start adapting to their communication skill, behavior, handwriting, and whatnot! In today’s time, […]

Strategies for Principals To Hire The Best Teachers

“The best ways to improve a school are to hire better teachers or make the ones you have better. Great Principals do both!” – Dr. Todd Whitaker Hiring instructors may be a difficult undertaking. Of course, this is true for all vocations. Teachers, on the other hand, bear an additional burden: they are the ones […]

Why educational institutes should choose ERP solutions instead of CRM

Educational Institutions like schools, colleges, and universities have started to invest more into the software tools like CRM and ERP to manage their administrative matters, management, and additional tasks related to the running of schools. Post-pandemic saw more such institutions switching to either model for increasing efficiency. But, which one is more effective for an […]

Admission Management System- 5 reasons why your school needs it

India currently has 200 million school-aged children, with 36.6 million graduating each year. Hence, there is no shortage of students seeking admission to universities and schools. However, the influx of student inquiries is putting a lot of strain on admissions departments. An inefficient application process has resulted in a lack of follow-up and the loss […]

Learning in the virtual world

Virtual worlds are intriguing, fascinating environments where students may gather online for regular class activities such as lectures, debates, case studies, projects, papers, examinations, and laboratories. Tools like the live class, learning management software, VR/ AR, and gamification of content can be used to make learning engaging and effective in the virtual (online)world. Classes consist […]

Data Analytics in a School Management Software

Data analytics is the science of analyzing raw data to make conclusions. Any data can be submitted to data analytics techniques to gain insight on how to improve things. Data analytics techniques can discover trends and metrics that would otherwise be lost in the sea of data. Utilizing this data, institutions, businesses, and systems can […]

Why should schools pay attention to data privacy?

The educational and learning system is becoming increasingly digital over time. With the advent of digitalization, it is now possible to access study resources from any location. However, with these benefits comes the risk of personal information shared on such networks being misused. Your school data could be misused and exploited in a security breach, […]