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We enjoy receiving feedback from our customers and improving upon it because it is what keeps us motivated to strive to be the best in the industry.

An absolute delight for all the teachers, i ususally do not rate any apps, but this one stands out with its features, connecting with students was never more easier... Highly recommended.

Geeta Singh

    Edutinker is a wow teaching learning application as i am using its user friendly and easy to use app In this app we can easly take assigments and test

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    Neetu Simran

      EduTinker has been of great help in my lecturing career. This year, I intend to have my largest class so far on the App. And it has never disappointed!

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      Mac-Kadicou Orji

        My experience is really good while using this app ....it is easy to handle and friendly for teachers and students both ....I like it

        Kanika Chopra

          It is the best app I have everseen for online teaching and school administration. It helped me reduce my manual work of scheduling classes, assignment collection, conducting and grading tests, automated attendance, and much more. Also, I can easily access it from my smartphone or laptop from anywhere in the world.

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          Eaga Ramadevi Principal, Platinum Group of Schools, Andhra Pradesh

            This is really an amazing app and very useful , it's very easy to handle and works smoothly without any obstacles. Must use this app to less your burden.

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            Bhavna Puri

              I found eduTinker exactly when I was struggling with all the hassles of online teaching. eduTinker has everything I need to make online teaching more interactive more effortless with screen sharing, whiteboard to explain concept sharing, study materials sharing to students and much more.

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              Hardal Jeet Singh Principal, Helix Convent Public High School, Himachal Pradesh

                Very good app for learning . Both students and teachers are in touch through this app

                Rajpal Singh

                  Best application for parents to track what is happening in the class. Reduce headaches of not been able to keep the eye on my daughters online activities during her class time. Time tables tell me in advance when i should be allowing her on the phone and when not. I can keep the track of her homework via notifications

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                  Nishka Singh

                    Useful and easy to use application. Helpful for both parents and teachers.

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                    Simran Rajput

                      Useful and easy to use application. Helpful for both parents and teachers.

                      Monika Yadav

                        EduTinker is a communication platform, easy to use anytime, anywhere. It has unique features to connect students, teachers, parents, and institutions managed at a single platform. It reduces teacher's manual work by sorting class schedules, checks and modifies attendance, creates and share assignments, study materials and giving voice feedback, etc. Help parents to stay up to date with children's progress!

                        Paramjit Kaur Principal, K.D International School, Punjab

                          Really nice app with automated attendance and tests

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                          Davinder Kaur

                            It's an amazing app. The interface is really simple for both teachers and students. The best thing about this application is that it provides everything needed for online education on one single platform. Loved it

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                            Ishika jain

                              Good app for students In this app we uploded the students test,assignment,attendance. And maintain digital recored of students Thank you Best wishes for future.

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                              Manjoj Saini

                                I was juggling between different applications while managing my classes until last year. Then I came across eduTinker. It is a packaged deal of all the tools that make online class management so much easier. With eduTinker, I can easily keep an eye on my class attendance, interact with my students personally, and track their development.

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                                Harsh Thukral Principal, Bright Land School, Amritsar