Benefits of Online Classes

Benefits of Online Classes “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet” – said Aristotle. But with changing times, the roots of education are turning digital. Modern times and unforeseen events together forced the amalgamation of education and technology – giving us edtech. This is where learning is facilitated via digital means. […]

Want to Become a Pro Virtual Teacher? Tips for You

With a forceful switch to remote learning; teachers are the ones who are in a baffling situation. Coronavirus has hit all the practices of traditional classes. It is yet to become any better soon. In such situations, the wise step seems to be to become an adaptable mentor who knows how to flexible in teaching […]

5 Challenges of Online Teaching: How to Solve Them?

Online classes are not lively and dull. But can they be made one cut down the monotony? It is what you as teachers are supposed to strive for and improve the learning experience of students. While it is true that, with pandemic outbreak making everything disorganized, it is a double responsibility to stop complaining and […]

5 Best Ways Teachers Can Use Online Teaching App

With the Covid-19 outbreak, many things could have gone topsy turvy if teachers and schools did not have the technology. Not that technology has solved all the problems completely, but it is an enabler helping people make some efforts for work. The teaching field today is dynamic. It, therefore, demands continuous learning, or as teachers […]

5 Top Challenges of Online Learning for Parents

It is a tough time for the students to stay focused as they used to be in a traditional classroom in the online class setup from home. In this entire situation, parents similar to the teachers were at a dichotomy. On the one hand, parents had to be the understanding ward. On the other hand, […]

5 Smart Strategies for Online Teaching

Teachers not just in India but elsewhere too are worried about the learning outcome because teaching online is not the same as it is in the classroom. The set of approaches in both online and traditional classroom is different in many areas. In online classes, more emphasis is on making learning effective for a better […]

6 Problems of Online Classes for the Students: How to Solve Them?

The regular school schedule had gone for a toss in the lockdown. The digital divide is pervasive. Even in this uncertain situation, there is hardly any doubt about the efforts put forward by the teachers and the students to keep the momentum of learning agile. However, one cannot ignore that the situation is dismal. Apart […]

How to solve the challenges of teaching in online classes?

An online class is different from the offline teaching set up. While it is an accepted fact and having said so, the other side of the coin is that many common aspects exist between the two. To make the online learning process a success, administrators, and teachers need to understand the sets of differences existing […]

What is eduTinker?

It is a collaborative, intuitive online class management tool. Is this what the product is all about? Read to know everything about the online teaching application here! Lately, due to Covid-19, everyone performed jobs from home using various online applications. Physical movement from one place to the other had come to a standstill due to […]

Why are Soft Skills Important?

What is the Meaning of Soft Skills?   Soft skills can be defined as virtues and facets that uphold situational awareness and enhance one’s abilities to get a job done. Soft skills are also interpersonal skills that construe an individual’s relationships with others, be it at the workplace or in an informal gathering. At the […]

Teach, Tech and Earn.

How about providing lectures and knowledge to millions of students while gaining monetary profits? Yes! Teachers. Through technology, interacting and reaching students can surely be a means to it. Revolutionising educational platforms from four-walled classrooms to internet platforms with unlimited reach would be benefiting both, the educators and the learners. Ed-tech platforms are now available, […]