Importance of matter in our surroundings

Matter in surroundings can be defined as any particle which fills the space and has mass. As they occupy space and have mass, table and chair, gold and silver, air and water, milk and oil, all these are considered types of matter. The matter around us is what makes the universe. Any substance with volume and mass and the ability to perceive senses is called matter. Light energy, electrical energy, heat, magnetism, vacuum, sound energy, and shadow are not referred to as matter, as these have no mass and take no space. The small constituents make up matter, and they exist in the surroundings. But these are tiny that cannot be seen even with a high-powered microscope. Particles are known as the building blocks of matter. These are generally separated by intermolecular gaps, move in a random pattern, School Analytics, and attract each other with force. Moreover, all the material bodies have weight and mass and space is occupied by the material bodies.