Rhyming words

Two or more words can rhyme if their last sounds are the same or similar. Goat, boat, moat, float, and coat are just a few instances of words that rhyme.

Use your ears to listen as you say the words to determine whether two words rhyme. They rhyme if they have a similar or matching sound. Examples include the rhymes “vehicle and bar” and “home and mouse.” The two words do not rhyme if their sounds are dissimilar. For instance, an automobile and a man are not rhyming, nor are a home and grass.

Rhyming pairs are occasionally found at the conclusion of poetry lines. While rhyme isn’t needed, many poems do. Many greeting cards, such as the annual birthday cards you receive or the Valentine cards you send to friends, School Analytics, contain short poems. Find the rhymes by looking at some greeting cards. Is there a rhyme that has a pattern? Some poems, for instance, have lines one and two that rhyme, followed by lines three and four. Some rhyme at the end of each subsequent line.