Teacher Information System

A teacher information system is used by the Andhra Pradesh government to keep a database of all teachers in the state. The system is used to keep track of the complete information of every teacher. The details help teachers while applying for promotions, awards, transfers, claiming medical reimbursements, no-objection certifications for travelling abroad, etc. In the teacher information system, an application is required to enter the details, and the teachers are provided to fill in the details. The facility is offered directly to the teachers to ensure no discrepancies arise while entering the information. But there is still a proofing system and School Management System . Thus, the data entered by the teacher is considered the final draft and published to check and double-check the information before publishing. While entering the details into the teacher information system, the following things should be kept ready-

·   Mobile phone on which the OTP confirmation will be sent to identify the teacher

·   A digital copy or soft copy to upload to the online system

·   Details of the spouse, if married

·   All the educational qualifications of the teacher