Annual Function of School

An annual function is a program that takes place in the school once a year, usually toward the middle or end of an academic session. It is a school-sponsored event in which students can showcase their talents, build confidence, and learn to collaborate. Teachers play an important role in the annual function as the entire event is managed by teachers. 

A lot of events and segments are carried out during the annual function day at school. One of the major segments is the Prize Distribution Ceremony, where students who have excelled in particular subjects over the past year, are rewarded with meritorious awards. There is usually always a Chief Guest, who gets a special invitation to be at the ceremony. It is the Chief Guest who receives the responsibility to inaugurate the program. A lot of cultural events, such as dance, music, and drama performances take place conducted by the students of the school. Prizes are also distributed to students who have had a remarkable journey in the Sports section as well. Lastly, the Chief Guest takes the stage to deliver a special speech and the program concludes by either singing the national anthem or by singing the school theme song.