Day Scholar

A day scholar is a student who attends college during the day and returns home in the evening for a night of sleep. We can also state it like, a person who studies at college in the daytime and at night gets back home to doze. A day scholar is a person who travels daily from home to college to and fro for studies. He doesn’t live in a college hostel. He either stays at home or in a PG/ a place where he feels safe and secure.

Day scholar has many advantages and disadvantages. First, starting with advantages, he gets home-cooked food which is very much needed, gets to remain in touch with loved ones, doesn’t get distracted, pays full attention to his studies, and away from the trap of bad habits like late-night parties, roaming here and there and many other.

With lots of advantages of a day, scholar encounters lots of disadvantages too, which includes daily travel with heavy books, can’t enjoy hostel life which is an experience in itself, chances of missing the morning lectures increases and many more.

But the number of advantages is much more than the disadvantages so, choose wisely. learn more about School Management System.