Enlightenment is the spiritual and moral awakening of a person after a lot of perseverance and patience. The word gains its significance from the ancient heritages, where the monks used to meditate for years in solace to achieve enlightenment. However, the world understands enlightenment with Gautam, the Buddha, who left his life of luxury behind him and went ahead in life to gain enlightenment. 

Enlightenment also signifies the philosophical movement in the world during the 18th century. The idea was based on developing human happiness and knowledge based on liberty, equality, tolerance, and fraternity. Many noteworthy authors and thinkers wrote their points on enlightenment and helped the world delve into more delicate details of every concept that could help people’s liberation. Thinkers like Voltaire, Hume, Adam, Rosseau, and Immanuel Kant helped the world through their works. This helped in some of the world’s greatest revolutions, like the American Revolution and the French Revolution, and brought impactful changes in many study fields like science, economics, law, sociology, religion, and theories of government.

The world saw the wave of enlightenment in some way or the other, sooner or later, in every country that it touched.