Format of MLA

MLA, known as Modern Language Association (MLA), is an organization that is responsible for developing the MLA format. MLA was developed as a means for students, researchers, and scholars in the language fields and literature to format their papers and assignments in a certain manner. The uniform, School Analytics, consistent method of developing a paper or assignment allows easy reading. MLA is not used only in literature and language subject areas; it has been widely adopted. The Modern Language Association released the 9th and current edition of their MLA Handbook in April 2021. It provides thorough instructions on citing and submitting work adhering to Modern Language Association’s rules and standards. Some of the guidelines to be followed in MLA style for your document are-

·       1” page margins

·       Times New Roman 12

·       ½ indent for new paragraphs

·       Title case capitalization for headings

·       Double line spacing