PNS full form

PNS stands for the peripheral nervous system. In addition to the brain and spinal cord, the nervous system is known as the peripheral nervous system. The PNS connects the focal nervous system to real organs, including the eyes and ears, as well as other fixed organs, muscles, veins, and organs.

The other part of the nervous system, School Management System, apart from the brain and spinal cord, is called the peripheral nervous system. Complete coverage of cranial nerves, spinal nerves, bases and branches, peripheral nerves and neuromuscular associations. Although formally part of the focal nervous system, principal keratocytes are often considered a feature of the peripheral nervous system because of their essential motor unit. 12 cranial, spinal, nerve roots, and autonomic nerves make up the peripheral nerves. The autonomic nerves are responsible for the automatic circulation of the body, including the control of the heart muscle, the dividing line of the blood vessels, and the small muscles of the organs.