Proctored examination

Proctored tests are timed exams users take while a proctoring software monitors the desktop, camera video, and audio on their computer. The data collected by the online testing software, Digital Content, is sent to a proctoring provider for analysis. 

  • When you appear for the proctored examination, you may need to install the proctoring program on your computer.
  • You must authenticate your identification at the beginning of the proctored test by taking a webcam snapshot of your face, photo ID, and whatever else the software requires to validate the exam setting.
  • You will be required to follow the exam’s proctoring regulations and procedures while taking the exam.
  • The proctoring software monitors your computer activity, including background software, while you take the exam. It then feeds the exam data to the software through the cloud. The software also records your webcam’s audio and video.
  • This is to detect any malpractice and prevent cheating while appearing for the exam.