Question Bank

A question bank is an organised collection of questions for use in examination or general practice, and it may be classified depending on the subjects or sub-topics. The repository of questions has been made to help students with their needs.

Question banks are boon for students who want to focus on their answer-writing techniques. It also helps them score excellently in examinations with thorough practice of probable questions.

They act like databases for students and instructors. Further, it also helps align the course curriculum with examination/assessment requirements. Students get a brief idea of what could be asked in the coming examination by introducing a given topic.

Another advantage that the question bank provides is an in-depth analysis of the question. It suggests to the last time the question was asked in an examination or different ways of asking the same question, and the chances of the same question repeating in the coming exams again.

Many online platforms have used the question banks format in their learning management system. They provide a quick assessment to students based on such question banks. It also helps prevent cheating activities among students, as they get different sets of questions. The overall coverage in learning is more when the question banks are used. Teachers recommend it to the students for efficient and quick answer-writing practice. learn more about Learning Management System.