Question Answer Writing

Question Answer Writing is a standard method of teaching activity wherein a question is posed to students, and they are expected to give an answer related to it. The same pattern of question and answer is used in various examinations.

Different subjects have different question-answer writing tactics. While many topics require straightforward answers to questions, many others require the answers to be divided into various sections like introduction, body part, and conclusion. Generally, the arts and humanities papers need more descriptive answers to questions, while the science or commerce questions are pretty straightforward. 

There are a few tips that should be regarded while doing questions answer writing-

1. Understand the question before delving into the answer, and you must identify the needs of the question for a satisfactory answer. 

2. Stick to the point- An efficient answer is one that only rotates near the topic of discussion to make it understandable. 

3. Practice is the key- A good answer only comes after thorough practice, and it is needed that one keeps on practising until they feel pretty confident. 

Question Answer Writing is a method that has existed for a long in the education system. Even though the patterns of questions have changed, the generic style of questions and answer writing has still prevailed. learn more about Learning Management System.