Cloud-Based Tools

As per the definition, the cloud comprises the data located in servers (computers having information that other computers can share) all around the world. Cloud has helped to globalise the data, which means that the data stored in one part of the world can be accessed in any other part of the world. Changes made to one file are not localised, and the same is reflected on every computer that accesses the file. 

The School Analytics has revolutionised itself with such cloud-based tools. With many schools and universities collaborating with each other for greater interaction and exchange of knowledge, cloud-based tools are coming to be of great help. 

Here are a few cloud-based tools that you should know of:

  1. Google Classrooms– Being a part of Google Applications, the easy-to-use tool provides a one-stop solution for teaching and learning.
  2. Microsoft Education Centre– Microsoft’s hybrid learning model provides people with many free resources for classroom studies, professional development, and certification for new skills.
  3. eduTinker– The learning management system provided by eduTinker helps in bringing class-related communication to a single place. Besides, class assignments, examinations, and attendance can be managed with much ease.
  4. Blackboard– The EdTech tool supports learner growth throughout their phase of life. They support education through their courses for many- from kindergarten students to professional workers at the workplace, from government clients to business clients.