Digitise Your Future

“Clearly the thing that’s transforming is not the technology- it’s the technology that is transforming you” -Jeanne W Ross

Digital technology is changing our lives like never before. With the advent of newer techniques of digitisation, the repeated manual task is decreasing. All thanks to going digital, the world is getting globalised. A person sitting in New York can easily contact their family member in India, without even thinking about the phone bills. As the internet has penetrated almost every corner of the world, communication, transportation, and other sectors are seeing a boom in overall growth.

Let us understand some digitised sectors and their impact-

  1. Transportation- Many advanced countries are switching to driverless vehicles, and people are given options to choose from for their stays, choice of flights/trains/buses, as everything goes digital.
  2. Industries– Heavy steel plants, coal fields, cloth producing factories are getting digitised, which saves them a lot of manual intervention specifically in hazardous jobs.
  3. Education– With the advent of technologies like a learning management system, schools can bring every stakeholder like management, faculty, parents, and students on a single platform. Monitoring assignments and attendance has become easier and it has saved the school from paperwork.
  4. Banking– Digitisation has led to an error-free banking environment, lesser manual calculation tasks, and saved tons of paper from being wasted for maintaining detailed registers in banks.