Growth is the general progression of any measurement unit, and it is interpreted in terms of physical, economic, and societal growth.

Physical growth pertains to bodily changes in human beings over time, and it may be in terms of height, weight, or other body features. Economic growth is an increase in the number of goods and services that the country’s population produces over timeSocietal growth refers to the overall increase in the quality of society as it progresses. The attitude of society towards violence and better law and order conditions determines it.

At times, the terms growth and development are used interchangeably. While one can quantify growth, School Analytics, development is not quantified. Growth has few measuring units attached to it, but we can measure development only measured in quality. Various units measure the growth of the economy. Some of these are Per Capita Income (a measure of the money earned per person in a region), Gross Domestic Product (value of final goods and services in a country in a given period), Gross National Product (value of final goods and services produced by only a country’s citizens both nationally and abroad). learn more about

Growth is a positive and affirming term for any business, enterprise, or individual.