Emerging Jobs in 2020 and the Skills Required for it

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As India leads the way in the global tech revolution, roles in #technology have ranked as number 1 as the most in-demand emerging jobs in the country. In fact, according to McKinsey, India is the second fastest digitizing economy after Indonesia. 

A country with over 50% of its population below the age of 25, young Indians are free and set to change the world. The massive youth force has undoubtedly increased the competition in the job market and is continually looking for ways to #upskill. By 2027, India is likely to have the world’s largest #workforce.

And this workforce is the forerunner of the emerging jobs in 2020. So what are some of the fastest growing jobs of 2020, and what are the #skills that YOU need to grab them?


● Blockchain Developer 

According to HardFork, India is 6th in the world when it comes to #Blockchain patents.Moreover, half of the Indian states are showing interest in Blockchain adoption as per the#NASSCOM Avasant India Blockchain Report 2019. 

Skills Required: Solidity, Node.js, Smart Contract and Hyperledger Top Industries: 

Software, Information Technology, Services, Internet, Hospital, Healthcare, Financial Services. 

 Artificial Intelligence Specialist 

Before we jump into the technical terms, what is AI? #AI is basically an umbrella term for smart technologies that are aware of and can learn from their environment.

AI is one of the most essential emerging Technologies of the 21st century. AI specialist ranked as the top job in the US, but Indians are said to be the ones leading it. Skills Required: 

Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Python, Natural Language Processing Top Industries: Software, Research, Internet, Education Management, Information Technology and Services 

● JavaScript Developer 

#JavaScript Developers are responsible for a website’s programming, development andimplementation. JavaScript is the most in-demand for IT in 2020 and make no mistake; it is the skill that you need to have in your bag. 

Skills Required: React.js, Node.js, AngularJS, React native, HTML/CSS Top Industries: Software, Research, Internet, #Education Management, Information Technology and Services No doubt that the tech jobs are in demand but there is equally good news for non-techprofessionals too. 

● Growth Manager 

Who is a growth Manager, and why does every company need one? Alternatively termed as #Growth Hacker, a Growth Manager works at the intersection ofmarketing and product development.

They focus on profit and revenue-building, which, ofcourse, is the central goal of every private firm. The three basic tasks of a growth Managerincludes devising a growth plan, executing growth programs and optimizing the revenue funnel. 

Skills Required: Business Development, Growth Strategies, Marketing Strategies, TeamManagement, Digital Marketing Top Industries: Marketing, Food & Beverages, Financial Services, Information Technology and Services, Advertising 

● Digital Marketing Specialist 

In 2020 with the growing popularity of #digital marketing, companies are now focusing oncreating a robust online presence for their brand. A digital marketing specialist identifies thetarget market, develops the brand image and runs digital marketing campaigns.

This careerpath undoubtedly requires you to have a diverse set of skills and rightly so. Skills needed: 

MySQL, SEO, HTML, Google Ads, Social Media Optimization, Google Analytics. 

Top industries: Education Management, Marketing, Advertising, Information Technology & Services, software, Internet As the world becomes more and more #automated, the companies are looking for employees who can stand out. Employers are looking for #creativity, people skills, #communication and #collaboration. So, if you can provide them with tech skills as well as a varied set of soft skills, then rest assured you’ll be landing a very high paying job in no time. 

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