Teachers, is E-Learning the Best way to Learn?


A recent survey conducted in New York found that of 2,000 parents 70% now realize, being a teacher is a much harder profession than their own job. In fact, there’s more. With the coronavirus lockdown teachers had to manage both parenting at home and teaching at digital classrooms.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that 77% of the people feel that Teachers deserve a salary bump! E-Learning is the future.  The crisis has further highlighted, not undermined, the importance of school communities tostudents’ learning and revealed the limits of technology in education.

And leading this new era of Digital Learning are Teachers. Teachers have been recognized as the unsung heroes of Covid-19. But there’s a negative side of the story as well. In the wake of pandemic, schools and colleges have witnessed widespread protests from parents on fees payment.

The chant being “No school, No fees”. But a cut in fees had a direct impact on the salary of the Teachers. Many schools had to significantly reduce the Teacher’s salary to accommodate for the cut in fees payment. With the rising prices of everyday essentials amid lockdown, teachers found it difficult to carry out their daily expenditures.


With the rising popularity of digital education, the e-learning market size is expected to grow by  $ 93.64 billion during 2020-2024.So the question here arises, is e-learning and digital education the best way to earn forteachers? Payoneer, a digital platform that streamlines global commerce, surveyed online teachers from 40 countries around the world to understand what the e-learning landscape looks like in 2020 and how coronavirus is impacting the growing industry.

Their survey found that e-learning was the best way for teachers to supplement their income. The survey has further highlighted that 90% of all e-teachers would consider making e-teaching their primary source of income in the future. During Covid-19, 82% of professional skills teachers and 55% of foreign language learningteachers saw an increase in course registration.

And 87% of those teaching professional skills and 54% of those teaching foreign language expect that demand for their courses will increase in the long-term. Online teachers all over the world have been seeing a surge in demand for their online courses and expect this trend to stay for the coming years. This has inspired offline teachers, teachers who were never particularly inclined towards digital education, to try e-learning to supplement their income. 

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