Communities Of Exploration and Growth

Communities Of Exploration

Community refers to a place where people with common interests and beliefs connect together, sharing a sense of belongingness.

How often we see communities, societies, groups, etc. from different parts of the world get connected to represent, reflect and share their ideas of interest globally. How is it possible for them to connect so as to extend such groups with coordination, despite varied cultures, languages, age and various other aspects, so well? It’s all because they voluntarily come together to express their ideas and share their knowledge and to feel their presence as an individual and a group.

Based on similar ideas are student communities. Many online platforms are established these days to encourage students to gather and study subjects of their interests. No limitations of what major you are pursuing or what all subjects you learn in schools.

Teachers join these platforms to teach such learners who have a quest to learn more about those respective topics or subjects. Outside their classroom where they can establish and grow skills in their area of interest while connecting to millions of people.


This networking on such a large scale that learners can now connect to people of different countries or states has become possible because of many Ed-tech platforms and advancements of the internet day by day.

These communities created voluntarily have been beneficial for learners and have shown continuous participation by the learners: Query discussion forum: These online platforms have proved to be a space, where learners or students can communicate and discuss their queries through chat / query forums. Responses from the teachers and learners both, are encouraged.

No time limitation: Unlike the regular classes where doubts of all are not cleared due to time constraint or absenteeism, on the other hand the chatbox and community groups online facilitate continuous learning irrespective of time or presence.

Proper management of records: From notes, assignments and assessment, records can be handled and managed by the apps. Extra pressure is reduced and more focus is driven to the main topic.
Connectivity and exploration: Connectivity to millions and billions on one platform encourages gaining of perception. Also, knowledge exchanged gives more insight and opportunity to explore and grow in respective fields.

Reduced reserved behaviours: Learners who have been shy to ask questions in regular classes can easily just type their questions without their identity being revealed which is an advantage to their introvert demeanor as well as a boost to their confidence

A lot more benefits by joining these EdTech platforms make sure that such student community platform are increased, where learners spread globally can specialize in subjects and the topic of their own internets irrespective of what domain they are studying and can grow in different fields and create a much better future with varied skills of management to technical and vice-versa.

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