Karl Marx

A German philosopher and propagator of Communist philosophy in the world, Karl Marx is one of the famous personalities of the evolving world. He initiated the Marxian theory that is even taught today. In Marxism, the effect of capitalism on productivity, labour, and economic development is studied and carefully evaluated. 

However, Karl Marx did not provide a complete theory of the state as he believed it was a part of the overall superstructure determined by the kind of economy forming the foundation of social life. Some of his famous books are The Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital. Some of his key ideas were capitalist society divided into two classes, namely bourgeoisie, and proletarians, those having economic power to control societal institutions, revolution, communism, ideological control, etc. 

In simple terms, it may also be translated as a society with no classes being the ideal class. He remained highly inspired by philosophers like Voltaire and Immanuel Kant. Marx is considered to be the man of enlightenment as his works produced many revolutionary ideas during the time of the enlightenment and industrial revolution. Born in Germany in 1818, he was non-religious by nature. He died as a stateless man in the year 1883. learn more about School Analytics.