How Effectively EdTech Benefits Teachers?

Effectively EdTech Benefits

There is no doubt that the education sector has been mopped up by the COVID-19 outbreak, to extents that have turned many lives upside-down. The pandemic’s aftershocks have scarred this industry from disruptive school & institution closures to exacerbating the imbalance of learning opportunities. It is not unknown that all levels of training and learning were brought to a standstill, massively affecting students and teachers. Our teachers have faced a lot from losing jobs to being at a wit’s end on how to impart education responsibly. Thankfully, these trying times gave birth to edtech and its startups. With things steadily picking up, primarily due to digital acceleration of education, let’s take a look at how edtech has benefitted teachers across the globe:

Making The Job Easy

Being a teacher is one of the most exhausting jobs in the world. Sure, students don’t realize it, but there’s a lot that goes into curating a single class of teaching. Planning lessons & courses, etching out teaching methods, creating test papers & student notes, and conducting the class – all manually done in a traditional classroom. But with edtech in play, some apps handle all this digitally. Automated features that take over small and significant roles of a teacher have undoubtedly made teaching much more relaxed and hassle-free.

Enhanced Teaching

With digitally automated tools that handle the nitty-gritty of teaching, teachers can focus better on the actual teaching process. With higher engagement, unbothered focus and undivided time, edtech has greatly helped enhance the complete process of teaching.

Improved Collaboration

With intelligent technology, collaborative methods have turned effortless. Whether student-teacher, teacher-teacher or student-student, every channel of collaboration is easier to pursue now. This opens easy-access ways to joint projects, discussions, brainstorming, and cooperation, making overall communication effective, unlike traditional classroom settings.

Flipped Classroom

A brand new educational strategy, flipped classroom is a form of blended learning that aims to increase student engagement and learning. The core lies in students completing lessons at home and working on live problem-solving during class time. This innovative method is only possible through digital education. It helps teachers decide how much time to allot to a class or a student – giving them more freedom and work-life balance.

No-Cost Study Material

Teachers no longer have to spend money on workbooks anymore. With edtech, there is an array of free teaching material online and on certain useful apps. These have helped teachers save time and money on collating a session, definitely turning fruitful.

We stand fortified with teachers. Not acknowledged enough, they play an indispensable role in moulding the future of education, and the country overall. Let’s make stressful teaching passé, and contribute as much as possible in giving them a healthy working environment with the help of edtech. Thankfully, things are moving, and we can hope this year is great for all.

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