5 Challenges of Online Teaching: How to Solve Them?

Online Teaching


Online classes are not lively and dull. But can they be made one cut down the monotony?

It is what you as teachers are supposed to strive for and improve the learning experience of students. While it is true that, with pandemic outbreak making everything disorganized, it is a double responsibility to stop complaining and work towards adaptability.

Nothing on earth has been easy. Nothing in our life came easy. Teaching in the traditional classroom as well had its set of challenges that you may have complained about several times. Think of it and then see if you were still able to enjoy working in that environment with zeal.

Similarly, in the current model, not everything is challenging. Life from post-Covid-19 is going to be extremely different. But certainly, online classes will continue for long as the safety of life is dear to everyone. The report suggests post-Covid-19 there will be about 100 days and 600 hours of active learning from home. However, what is in store, only time will unravel.

One thing for sure, if practiced the right way, remote learning has a huge potential in the field of education. A little disarray at the moment in the process is what is overshadowing the benefits from the field. Let�s see what are the major challenges you as a teacher or as an administrator are facing due to online classes? We will then help you fix them for a better experience.


Teachers from both urban�and rural areas have faced tremendous issues conducting online classes due to poor network. Not all teachers have access to high bandwidth internet connectivity. Conducting online classes without disruption was a challenge for all teachers. In the same pipeline, fixing the issue to resume classes require IT skills.

Solution:�Look out for learning management software that�works flexibly in both laptop/mobile with the help of a high/low bandwidth network.


The not so tech-savvy�teachers often fear technology. It disallows them to explore the online teaching app or education LMS to conduct online classes smoothly. Knowing the technology well works wonders- providing confidence and the ability to control the class better. The time demands �keenness to learn� and avoid fear psychosis for one�s benefit and that of the learner as well.

Solution:�Watch free online tutorials or ask the�school/institute�s IT support to help you walk through the dashboard and the utility of different features of the tool. We have covered some ways in which you can make use of the online teaching software or LMS in our earlier piece. Click�here


A pedagogical switch is not just a need of the hour. The practices that yield results in the traditional classroom may be the total opposite of the online class model.

The two models are different and so are the practices as well. In the online class, engaging students in some kind of constant activity helps them learn the outcome. The distraction level of students is more in online classes than in a classroom environment because they are learning in isolation and at home.

Solution:�Apply flip classroom teaching model,�interactive teaching techniques, group project work, and likewise for a better learning experience in online classes. Avoid relying on only passive lectures and sharing of assignments post the classroom session. Click�here, for more solutions


In online and traditional�classroom discipline is fundamental. Online classes work in isolation. And controlling students through the screen is a herculean task. While you may be teaching, in the background, students may be chatting with friends on social media, play video games, walk away from the seat many times, interrupting the lecture session, and likewise.

Solution:�Keep students engaged in activities related to lesson learning, ask them random questions from the chapter and mark them on class performance, ask them to prepare for the lesson a day earlier and explain it to the peers, test their knowledge on lessons taught earlier.


Parents checking out on the�online class sessions are beneficial and troublesome both at the same time. On the one hand, this interference can help students remain attentive to the online-classes. On the other hand, some parents may even go to the extent of dictating things of the class proceedings. It is where; the interference of parents can be annoying for you.

Solution: Keep them informed about their child�s performance through message or email in the class and the activities assigned to them. In case of severe issues, conduct a weekly meeting with the parents online to discuss the matter with them.

Additional Solution

Adopt a professional approach to online teaching. The professionalism and flexibility you adopt will percolate to the student�s mind. It will invariably help you to scale your productivity and that of the online class sessions as well.

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