Flashcards are the visual tools used in learning, making it more fun and exciting. It is used to memorise grammar, phrases, meanings, theories, or concepts. It is a double-sided paper placard, where the clue is offered on one side, and clue information is provided on the other. It makes learning exciting, as it has been known that students learn more through visual mode than through audio mode.

It has several benefits, like providing an efficient learning method, and it can be used for identification, modification, School Analytics, and learning of topics around various subjects. The tools of flashcards do not help the student just memorise things but retain them for a long. It enables the retrieval mechanism of the brain and enhances and encourages the recalling capabilities of the brain.

One can make a flashcard from scratch and create a standard template. The information for the flashcards has to be categorised, and the information selected is either among the complex topics or ones marked critical in the syllabus. They are then personalised as per our use by adding information in cues and more.