A La Carte learning

The A La Carte learning method is a self-paced learning method that blends the core curriculum with online modes of learning additional sources. In this way, the candidate can complete the courses from the comforts of their home, at their decided speed and topics.

It is not only limited to the educational institution but also to the corporate setups, where the employees are expected to do certain prescribed courses in a time frame. It helps institutes and organisations reach more people with fewer resources. Besides, the learners can get the advantage of one-on-one online support from experts and teachers in case of doubts.

As lessons are taken at one’s speed, it makes learning more fun and engaging. The personalised learning curve allows one to take up the concepts at tasks at self-will rather than being forced to do so, as happens in cases of offline learning.

The organisations will also be able to save a lot of money spent on physical training modes, making the operations more efficient. Resource materials that have to be provided by trainers are made available to the learners online, which further enhances the process of Learning Management System in the a-la-carte model.