What are the types of training?

Training is a fundamental principle in human resource development. It concerns teaching and practicing a specific skill to the desired level. Training is a powerful tool that can put employees in a position to do their jobs properly, efficaciously, and diligently.

·       Refresher training:

This training is provided to incorporate recent advancements in a specific field. This training is provided to employees to improve their skills. This training can also be utilized to advance an employee’s career.

·       Induction instruction:

Also called orientation training, it is provided to new recruits to familiarise them with the organization’s internal environment. It assists employees in understanding the organization’s procedures, code of ethics, and policies.

·       Job training instruction

This training offers an overview of the job and is demonstrated by experienced trainers. Employees are given additional training after their performance is evaluated, if necessary.

·       Vestibule conditioning:

It is training on actual tasks performed by an employee that takes place outside the workplace.

·       Apprenticeship education:

An apprentice is a worker who works for a set period under the supervision of a supervisor. learn more about Learning Management System.