Future of Online Education in Rural India

Online Education

With the Rapid growth of Advanced Technologies, networks, and Gadgets internet is something that has penetrated deep into the daily lives of people. This has lead to an increase in developing and enhancing content creation and innovation, which in turn has leveled up the EdTech sector of India. 4000+ EdTech startups were launched in India in the past six years. According to estimates Indian online learning market is expected to be worth US dollars 1.96 billion by 2021. All of this has indicated nothing but the growth of the EdTech sector.

Online Education

One question still remains, What could possibly be the future of EdTech education in rural India?

Rural India lacked access to quality education much earlier to this pandemic situation at hand. Poor infrastructure, lack of qualified teachers and staff members, no access to basic Technologies, data and Gadgets, gender inequality, girls safety issues etc. are some factors that have led to an underdeveloped education sector in the rural areas. Many a times parents too in the rural areas don’t want to send their kids to educational institutions so as to increase an earning hand in their families by engaging their children in household and outdoor chores, leading to a lower school attendance.

The conditions however in the rural areas in terms of education is improving day by day. Major telecom companies and gadget brands have lowered the prices of smart devices and data networks. This has lead people into buying smart devices and data at economical prices, thus increasing their accessibility to modern technologies up to a certain extent. Statistics show that there are currently an estimated 200 million rural users of Smartphones, with 42% being women.

Edtech platforms are slowly but steadily seeping into rural areas and creating new opportunities. By creating online platforms of advanced learning and customised packages of subjects and courses, children from the rural areas need not leave their houses to study. They can stay home and help their family while devoting their free time to educate themselves as well, thus, adding valuable factors to their overall development. Signing up for EdTech platforms is easy as well as we have many online payment methods with easy accessibility and usability features. In case of financial instability, children can benefit from a lot of free online courses as well. A large number of these courses are available in Vernacular languages making learning an easier process. availability of teachers is yet another advantageous feature of EdTech classrooms. Teachers, faculties members, subject experts, etc. from all around the world are available on EdTech platforms, therefore, students from the rural areas have a choice to learn from their own chosen people, this in turn would lead to effective, long lasting and understandable knowledge gained by such students at every point and stage of their education.

EdTech platforms are not only beneficial to the students but also the teachers of the rural areas. It can help create job opportunities for teachers. Also teachers can make and correct test papers, assignments and tasks online and track their students’ performances and levels of learning. Teachers from the rural areas can increase their income as per the services provided by them without having to go anywhere and take classes of multiple subjects and fields as per their comfort and capabilities.

EdTech classrooms have so far helped a lot in the development of the overall education sector of the rural India. Therefore, if supported and promoted, the future of EdTech education looks promising for the rural India.

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