New Roles for Teachers


The role of Teachers has evolved significantly over the decades. Prompted by the advancement of the society at large, revolutions in technology, knowledge and learning, the role of teachers and parents in children’s education has not only grown but has also fundamentally changed. A child’s learning process is no longer restricted to sitting in a desk and dutifully listening and writing whatever they are taught. It is no longer about completing your homework on time. Children of the 21st century are not absorbers of teachings but creators of tomorrow. They take the knowledge that the teachers have to offer, mould it with their own opinion, decisions and imagination to produce a new output all together.

This is why Teaching needed to evolve to keep in pace with the future generation.

A few decades back a teacher was only seen as a giver of knowledge. Teachers were told how, when and what to teach. No child was special and everyone was taught the same thing in the same way. But today, the norms have changed. Teachers are now encouraged to practice new teaching methods, make the learning process more fun and innovative, they are encouraged to adapt and moreover they now have to cater to the growing demand of providing individual attention to students.

New Roles For Teachers

There has been a drastic shift from “one size fits all”.
So, what are the new roles for Teachers of Today?

 The Participant

Instead of being the leader of the pack, teachers nowadays try to become an active participant.They participate in the learning process, engage with the students on their level, try to understand the pain points of the students and even take part in all the fun activities. This lightens the atmosphere and makes the students feel at ease.

● The Assessor

Parents want to know each and every detail of their child’s education. They want to know how much marks their child is securing, what extra-curriculars is he/she excelling at and how well is he/she performing in class. This puts an added responsibility on the teachers today, to keep track of the students’ performance. Further, if they see a student struggling, then the teachers have to take steps and ensure the learning process is corrected for the child.

● Curriculum Developer

A teacher’s duty is now more than just teaching what is handed to him/her. It is now to

improvise, build and customize the course according to the needs of the students.

● The Manager

Educational institutes are now more than just buildings for gaining knowledge. They require a

proper administrative and management team to operate. In a classroom a teacher has to not

only teach but also carry out tedious administrative and classroom duties such as taking the

attendance, organize events, Parent Teacher Meetings etc.

” In the high school classroom, you are a drill sergeant, a rabbi, a shoulder to cry on, a

disciplinarian, a singer, a low-level scholar, a clerk, a referee, a clown, a counselor, a

dress-code enforcer, a conductor, an apologist, a philosopher, a collaborator, a tap dancer, a politician, a therapist, a fool, a traffic cop, a priest, a mother-father-brother-sister-uncle-aunt, a bookkeeper, a critic, a psychologist, and the last straw. “

— Frank McCourt, teacher and author of Angela’s Ashes 

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