How an Attendance Management System Can Reduce Administrative Load

Attendance Management System

What ideal situation should students anticipate at the start of each class? Normally, professors will take attendance before beginning their presentations. Teachers’ productivity is hampered by such activities, which require time. As a result, educational institutions all around the world are focusing on the attendance management system.

Systems for managing attendance maintain track of attendance and assist teachers in monitoring timeliness. Furthermore, by utilising this management approach, schools can reduce dropout rates. The typical percentage of children who attend school each day over the course of a year is understandable to teachers and school administrators. They can create regulations to encourage students to attend classes and finish their education if they see a decline.

What is meant by a student attendance management system?

The attendance management system eliminates the need for manual attendance registration. It allows teachers to track attendance with just a few clicks. Additionally, teachers can also document their attendance through this system. As a result, school administrators get an accurate teacher and student attendance information. Additionally, digital attendance is easy to register and relieves the school system of repetitive work.

What is the attendance management system used for?

The attendance management system is now an integral part of every educational institution. Moreover, the increased demand for online education has also drawn the attention of schools to this School Management System.

Here are some tasks that the attendance management system can easily perform.

  • Track student and teacher attendance
  • Marks presence and absence
  • Mark the start and end of the work
  • reports
  • Checking the presence status of various devices, including mobile phones
  • Attendance management is an important part of ERP software. Schools should try this system to find out how important it is and how it can reduce their workload.

Benefits of Attendance Management System

The attendance management system offers teachers and students various advantages. Teachers don’t have to manually track attendance before each class. Other important applications of this system are:

1. Real-time attendance tracking system

Gone are the days of teachers calling each student’s name to record attendance. The attendance management system now supports these activities. As a result, teachers can save a lot of time and invest that time in increasing classroom productivity. Apart from recording the attendance of students and teachers, this system can also be used to manage the entire administrative process. School administrators can use the attendance management system to manage and track time off requests and clock-in and clock-out times.

2. No Proxy Participation

Proxy attendance is a great way to manipulate the attendance system. High school students can easily mislead their teachers and give false attendance information. Fortunately, attendance management systems can eliminate proxies, buddy punching, or record tampering. Also, such systems force students to stay on time.

3. Notification to parents of the presence of the child

The student monitoring system tracks absenteeism and punctuality. The system uses biometric data to record attendance in real time. If a student cannot attend the class, the system will send an instant notification to the parents. Parents can access the notification from the school management app or their email id.

4. Improved school safety

The attendance management system improves security on the school campus. Only teachers and students with authorized access have access to the school grounds. This system offers parents peace of mind as they do not have to worry about their child’s safety.

5. Cost reduction

The attendance management system records the time of access to the classroom. Furthermore, it also records the presence of teachers who hold lessons. Because attendance is automated, costs incurred on unnecessary items are controlled. For example, schools don’t need to purchase ledgers and other stationery to manually track attendance.

6. Simple reporting

School administrators can download attendance reports to make better decisions. For example, they can view statistics to understand the failure rate in the institution. 7. Management of holidays

School administrators can manage teacher vacations. They can track, manage, grant or refuse leave through the attendance management system.

8. Visibility

School administrators can use analytics to learn about teacher and student data such as number of sessions attended, absence data, and overtime. In addition, the graphical representation of the collected data helps in decision-making.

9. Reduced administrative burden

The attendance management system eliminates the need to manually track attendance. This reduces the workload for administrators.

These are a few benefits of using an attendance management system. This system is valuable to everyone involved in organizing education. The attendance management system provides benefits for teachers, students, parents and school administrators.


Attendance is a very important aspect of the proper functioning of a school, the mismanagement of which can lead to a series of events that can throw the entire school system into chaos. With an all-in-one attendance management software solution, the entire process can be easy to understand, follow, and execute, leaving virtually no room for error. As schools strive to be NEP 2020 compliant as soon as possible, now is the perfect time to start leveraging an integrated school platform – a platform where learning and teaching meet School Management System. Track your attendance and add it to your transcript – up your game and make your school NEP 2020 compliant today!