Administrative Tasks

Administrative tasks are tasks performed in the workplace by administrative professionals such as administrative and executive assistants. These activities vary greatly, but most commonly involve receiving and directing phone calls, filing information, and handling office supply needs.

Administrative tasks are responsibilities associated with the upkeep of an office environment. These responsibilities differ greatly from one workplace to the next, but they typically involve activities such as organizing appointments, answering phones, welcoming guests, and keeping structured file systems for the company.

Administrative professionals must have great communication skills in order to perform their tasks effectively. From answering phones to composing emails to engaging with employees and management, Admission Management, these professionals must be able to convey information to others in a clear and simple manner. Here are some examples of typical administrative responsibilities associated with communication:

  • Phone call answering and transfer
  • Taking client phone messages
  • Sending emails to customers
  • Client emails are forwarded to the proper recipient.
  • Handling consumer concerns
  • In the workplace, greeting guests
  • Email communication
  • Completing customer service duties 
  • Interacting with top management
  • Communication with coworkers