Meaning of Mentor

A mentor’s contributions to a mentee (or protégé) may take many forms, including advice, inspiration, moral support, and an example to follow in the mentor’s footsteps. A mentor may be a great asset while figuring out what you want to do with your life or even just getting started. As the mentee’s requirements evolve, so may the mentor’s responsibilities. Some mentoring is official and part of a formal program with norms and expectations, while others are less formal and more open.


·       Discusses the mentee’s desired outcomes for the mentoring experience and helps them develop a plan to achieve those outcomes.

·       takes the lead in the relationship while letting the mentee handle their professional and personal development and plans.

·       During the given period, promises to work to strengthen the bond between the two parties.

·       Meets with mentee regularly (not during mentee’s work time; at least once a month for at least an hour).

·       Participates in a conversation by attentively hearing out the mentee.

·       provide input that is both helpful and honest.

·       Supports the mentee and helps them find ways to advance their career.

·       In a formal, long-term mentoring relationship, the mentor checks in with the mentee at both the halfway and final points to review progress toward the partnership’s stated goals