Rubric and its Importance

A rubric is a scoring tool which explains the performance in a particular assignment, School Analytics, oral presentation or group presentation. It divides the whole work into different blocks and gives the performance expectation for each block and the levels of mastery associated with each block.

Advantages of using Rubric

For Instructors: 

  • Since the grades are according to set criteria, the grading pattern of the instructor is immune to factors like fatigue and changes in perception due to previous experience.
  • The use of rubrics in the grading system saves time for the instructors. 
  • The instructors can refer to the description of the rubric grade for performance and put a 

grade rather than writing lengthy comments. 

  • The instructors also come to know the collective strengths and weaknesses of the class by comparing the grades for different components.
  • They come to know which skills the students are lagging behind and need more attention and time from the instructor

For Students

  • It ensures every student is fairly judged and receives grades according to performance.
  • When rubrics are given with an assignment, the students get to know the desired performance level and grades associated with the performance.
  • When the assignments are returned with grading, the students can refer to rubric grades and can track their progress towards defined goals.