How can ERPs Help Your Students


An education ERP is a perfect way with which you can drive student progress. The question is – how can schools and educational institutes deploy technology to improve student outcomes?

Education ERP software deploys workflow-based processes which in turn streamlines the daily activities and operations carried out in school, which can be easily leveraged to enhance student outcomes. The ERP provides a productive and organized environment for students to learn.

How can ERPs Help Your Students

Dashboard Reports

Teachers often spend a lot of time devising new ways and methods to increase student engagement in class. But the results are often not worth the time that is consumed. This happens mainly due to the lack of organized data and crucial information.

The campus management system, when integrated with dashboard analytics, can aid teachers in finding the areas of concern.

The dashboard analytics produce various reports about individual students or a class collectively. These comprehensive reports contain everything from student grades to their classroom activities.

Moreover, the reports are also in a statistical format, meaning data is reflected in the form of pie charts, tables, and graphs. Since humans are visually oriented, these reports are extremely easy to grasp and analyze.

Teachers can use these reports to quickly analyze students. They can then find out the strengths and weaknesses of the student.

With the problem areas identified, teachers can work with students to improve their performance. Teachers can also check with the reports whether their revised techniques are working.

Parental Involvement

Students grow exponentially when they receive support from both parents and teachers. To facilitate better parental involvement, the student information system has a web portal.

With proper login credentials which ensure data safety, parents can access the web portal. The web portal contains everything from attendance to the grades and timetables of their child.

By checking the web portal regularly, parents can ensure that they are in touch with their child’s education.

The education ERP can also be integrated with SMS and email services. Institutes can use this to update parents about parent-teacher meetings, school events, and activities. This way parents can clear their schedules ahead of time and not miss any events.

When parents attend all events students are encouraged to improve their performance.

Streamlined Processes

The ERP solution helps to streamline all the processes in institutes. It helps to conduct exams remotely and create question papers online. Further, the system evaluates the student’s performance automatically which eliminates the need for carrying out monotonous tasks in the institutes.

Moreover, streamlining admission processes, fee payment, and finance management reduces the need for human intervention in the institute’s functioning.

This helps to reduce faculty workload which enables them to focus on teaching completely. The students learn better as the teachers analyze their performance in exams along with regular activities and help them learn better.

Library Of Course Materials:

All the study materials can be made available to the students using an ERP solution. This includes lectures from teachers, notes, videos, PDFs, and other reference materials that can be uploaded to the system.

Students can access the content at any given time during the course. If the student remains absent for some lecture, they can get access to the recording and catch up with the class.

The students can watch content multiple times. Moreover, they can connect and collaborate with other students to share reference materials, books, notes, and work on assignments.

Automated Attendance

Teachers need detailed student attendance reports because when students miss school their performance is bound to take a hit. The attendance reports of all students in a class cannot be manually made.

By using the data stored in the student data management system, the dashboard can also generate attendance reports of students. These reports are very detailed and help the teacher to identify chronic absenteeism. Teachers can then intervene and help these students get back on track.

With the ERP automating many tasks, the manual workload on teachers is reduced. This gives teachers more time to focus on students which leads to improved student outcomes.

digitizes students’ report cards

Schools take periodic assessments to test their students’ grasping skills and knowledge.

School ERP system includes modules with customizable grade-book templates that allow users to add or remove attributes, which makes creating and managing examination results easier. The system enables teachers to develop numerous exams. Parents could access the grade book of their children to understand how they have performed in different examinations conducted in the school.

Notifies about upcoming events in school

Rather than depending on informing parents about the essential school updates during parent-teacher meetings or through their child’s diary, you could use educational ERP software. The system keeps a record of parents’ contact details and notifies them about upcoming events organized by the school through text messages, emails, or push notifications. This improves message delivery accuracy, and parents never miss special occasions in their child’s academic journey.

Enables better learning flexibility

Post covid outbreak, online learning has become an essential part of school facilities. It offered students easy access to classroom videos and other study materials while providing them the flexibility to take up the lessons from home. ERP software helps keep track of study material shared, student attendance, lessons plan, assignments, grades, and so on.

Records non-academic activities

The school life of a student is not about academic performance. It consists of many non-academic activities they like to participate in year after year when in school. School ERP software keeps records of all this information and allows parents to access them along with the custom remarks of their child. This guides them on how their child performs in academic and non-academic activities and their interest in them.


Automation in the institute’s processes, implementation of better learning approaches to educating the students and help them gain skills as well as an increase in teacher’s focus and guidance to the students in improving the student outcomes. These activities can be conducted using an ERP solution. The system is based on a cloud platform, offering ease of use and high data security in the institutes.