The “faculty” are the persons who teach in a school, university, or college. In other words, they are a group of persons recruited by the Institute for teaching, or research activities. Their main objective is to impart knowledge or skills to the students at the school, university, or college. The majority of faculty members have a PhD or another highest-level degree in their profession.

Faculty members are required to stay current on changes in their profession to maintain their competence and knowledge base. Depending on the institution, faculty members use several teaching styles. Many faculty members conduct research, adding to the discipline’s or academic field’s knowledge base.

Faculties are subject matter experts in their field and teach a wide range of courses at their respective institutions. They work in a hierarchy such as assistant lecturer, associate lecturer, and so on. Many university administrators (for example, department chairmen, School Analytics, deans, vice presidents, presidents, and librarians) are also faculty members. 

Some other responsibilities of faculty members include:

  • Developing a new course.
  • Counselling students on personal issues, learning challenges, or life decisions.
  • Referring the students to graduate programs, employment, or internships.
  • Interviewing the candidates for new faculty members.