Academic Library

An academic library is a library connected to a higher education institution that serves two complementary functions, that is, curriculum support and research support for university faculty and students.  It is unknown to us how many academic libraries exist around the world. 

Librarians focus on a certain type of collection development by identifying the needs of the faculty and student body, as well as the college academic programs. When academic libraries have specific areas of specialization, these are often referred to as niche collections. These collections, comprising original papers, artwork, Digital Content, and artifacts written by a single author or about a particular subject, are frequently the foundation of a special collection department. 

An academic library typically consists of one or more physical library buildings accessible to a student, library collections, and library staff who provide a variety of services to help a student with their studies and research. Academic libraries provide lots of resources and threads that can help students, faculty, as well as staff members with their learning, teaching, and research needs. Students often seek help from library books for the completion of their projects and sometimes reference books available in these libraries help students better understand a certain subject or chapter.