A library is a collection of materials, books, or media that are available for use rather than just display. A library is a physical location or virtual space that provides hard copies or digital access to soft copies of materials. A library’s collection may include printed materials and other physical resources in a variety of formats such as DVD, CD, and cassette, as well as access to information, music, or other content stored in bibliographic databases

A library is maintained by either the government or institutions such as schools, colleges, museums, a corporation, School Management System, or even private individuals. Libraries offer the services of librarians, who are experts at finding, selecting, circulating, and organizing information, as well as helping the people visiting the libraries search for specific books of their need and analyzing very large amounts of information using a variety of resources.

Library buildings usually have quiet study areas and common areas for group studies and collaboration, and they may have public facilities for access to computers with Internet services. It is important to maintain silence in libraries as most people are reading or conducting important work.